Day 71: Vaguely Biblical

It’s a late evening post today- just an hour or so under deadline. 😉 Today is my 4 year wedding anniversary, so hubby and I picked up a few treats at Whole Foods and had a leisurely afternoon. I would have been done with this painting earlier, but it was giving me a hard time. It’s too bad you can’t put a painting in a headlock and noogie it into submission. Then again, I’m sure none of life’s problems have ever really been solved in that manner. Well, probably none of the major ones anyway. Maybe things like which brother got the Atari for the next round of Frogger, or whether or not a fraternity pledge had to do another Jager bomb. But getting a painting to not look like a pile of poop can’t generally be resolved with juvenile violence. (If any of you artists out there happen to have some heretofore unknown method, please- do tell.)

I think today will be the end of the Vaguely series, at least for now. This piece on 9×12” canvas includes a ribcage, botanical drawing, dictionary page with the word ‘apple’, a William Blake poem (London), pattern paper and a few other tidbits. I’ve included a few detail photos. Did you know? You can click on any image for a full-size version with better detail! Unless your computer doesn’t like you. Can’t help you there, though. Have a great weekend!

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