Day 70: Vaguely Audible

If you’re getting sick of the “Vaguely” series, I’m sorry. Next time I see you, I’ll give you a piece of chocolate to make up for it. But I’m enjoying the exercise of doing very similar works days in a row. I’ve almost made it a week solid. And this is something I really never expected to be able to do without getting bored. (Remember- media-generated short attention span like everyone in my generation.)

I have a really hard time artmaking without music. Lately it’s been a lot of classical piano, but I’ve also been obsessed with the song “Undisclosed Desires” by Muse (think playing it on repeat a good 20 times or so in a row…. daily). You may have also heard their single “Uprising”. These are both on their album, The Resistance, released last year. What’s really fascinating for me about Muse is that they’re extremely talented musicians, yes- but they’re also really f-ing smart. They invite a political discourse or at least personal introspection about what stand you’ll take if it comes down to brass tacks.

Two of my favorite bands as a teenager were Rage Against the Machine and Bad Religion- so it’s clear I have a special place in my heart for bands that rock the F out while also addressing sociopolitical themes. It’s music that sinks in deep instead of getting shrugged off. It’s music that makes me want to “rise up and take the power back” (Muse)… music that I want to roll around in and sink my teeth into and make out with. I don’t know, it’s hard to explain. It’s music I want to be, music I feel, music I want to paint.

Today’s mixed media piece, Vaguely Audible, on a 5”x7” canvas includes an anatomical diagram of the ear, a Spanish/English definition page with the word “attuned”, sheet music, a sewing pattern piece and a note I took with directions- “go towards hills”. I liked the way that bit of my handwriting transferred emotionally to music as my cocoon of isolation; how it made me think of parking in the community college lot by the trees and listening to CDs and drawing for hours while the rest of the world melted away.

And all this on a day I didn’t feel like making anything. Guess I had an actual muse helping me after all. 😉 Thanks guys!

5 thoughts on “Day 70: Vaguely Audible

  1. Geri says:

    I love this series. I think there is something special about being able to create series. You get better each day. And then, just like TV series, when you have nothing else to say…you move on.


  2. i think this one is my favorite of the vaguely series. not really surprising, i guess, considering it’s inspired by music.

    you know, people go on and on about muse, but i don’t think i’ve ever heard anything by them. big rage fan though – since back in the day. i still throw them on when i need to get pumped up and energized.


  3. Kristi White says:

    Marianne, this is my favorite one so far! I love the colors! The dark edges, deep teal and red … good choices! LOVE IT!! 🙂


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