Day 69: Vaguely Fateful

One of the things I love most about art is that I don’t always need to have a plan. In general, I can be kind of obsessive about things. I want objects returned to the correct drawers so I can find them again. I prefer the toiletries grouped with like items instead of scattered about the counter. I want to know where we’re going, what time we need to be there, how long it will take (preferably estimates for driving times with traffic and without), what the parking scenario is like, and how long I’ll be away from a restroom so I can determine how much water to drink in proximity to the event. Yep. It’s a little scary up there sometimes (points to noggin).

So abstract work is an unmatched freedom where I honor the process of letting go, in a way. I can let the found objects jump out at me without hunting out something specific. I can let the paint show me what textures it wants to make. Working on these mixed media pieces makes me feel like some kind of scavenger of culture. I’m a detective, scrapbooker, maker of ransom notes, hoarder, anthropologist and painter rolled into one.

Today’s piece is more harmonious for me color-wise than yesterday’s. I love color but sometimes I can’t reconcile multiple colors on one canvas. It’s as if the colors all have such outspoken personalities and despite my best crowd-pleasing efforts, I can’t always get them to mesh. The anatomy page about human development featuring embryonic stages, dictionary page for the word fate and fashionable, vintage images of snappily-dressed and smiling children, pattern pieces, directions and a few other bits work together for me somehow. And the title references both the theme of the piece and the way this series feels to me… as if I could be on to something. 🙂

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