Day 63: Vancouver

Things I have discovered so far this year:

  1. I love having tea time!
  2. The TV channel ‘Current’ ROCKS (seriously, check it out).
  3. I can cook more than 5 meals with moderate success.
  4. I have video-making software on my computer. I’m a PC!
  5. I can make decent art even when I really, really, really don’t feel like it.

Today I really didn’t want to make anything. I’ve been working on art in the afternoons and evenings lately, which is ridiculous, because I should be getting into the studio in the mornings. But it’s mostly because I have no burning inspiration for short-term projects (as you may know, I’ve been completing all the art this year from start to finish in the same day), and I’m starting to get frustrated with myself. I have some ideas for pieces I want to do that I know will take more than one day, and I’ve got the time to produce more, but I’m not. I’m noticing that since I haven’t worked on any long-term projects free of that “do it NOW” stress in a couple months, burnout is setting in. I think once I start making work again that I can relax about, and know I don’t need to finish that day, the daily pieces will hopefully get better as well.

I was sitting on the couch with the pastels and my drawing pad waiting for lightning to strike in my creative brain when Rob’s dad called. I paused the TV, which was playing a show about shopping in Vancouver, and I noticed the scene was a picturesque but fairly detailed cityscape.

Something I’ve been thinking about doing for a long time is color blocking in paintings (laying out the large same-color areas in the background first) with my glasses off, which I tried in the past before to get contrast correct on figurative work, but I can’t see too far away from my face without them. So I used that technique to a degree to do this slightly abstracted pastel drawing of Vancouver… and I kind of like it.  🙂

2 thoughts on “Day 63: Vancouver

  1. It’s so hard when I haven’t visited your blog in a while to choose which post to comment on–so much great art! I love seeing all of the different pieces! I like your lesson #5!! I also can see how you could feel burnt out with so many short term pieces–like you’re always working under a deadline–that would burn me out too!


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