Day 61: Frequency

As if listening to my thoughts, the rain returned today with fervor. I admired the colors spreading in the shine of the slick surfaces while I headed to the grocery store, the streets wet like the streets in every movie and commercial ever (seriously, I just watched some minivan commercial where it was super sunny and yet the driveway was 100% soaked. Hollywood even glams up pavement).

This afternoon, before I fired up the Chopin station on Pandora radio and stepped into the studio, I listened to a dissertation on the law of attraction.

When I got into the studio, I pictured my positive thoughts and feelings as little shapes in warm colors, vibrating out of my windows into the world, expertly dodging raindrops and concrete and buildings, floating until they found other bits of joy to glom onto like oil drops in water, gathering momentum as they rolled around the planet and rocketing back to me like a giant ethereal snowball of happy. So that’s where today’s painting (8”x10” abstract in acrylic on canvas), Frequency, came from. Enjoy!

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