Day 60: Motes

It’s officially March, which means I made it two full months. Hooray! As you may have noticed, today’s blog post includes something in addition to the day and number. “Motes” is the title of today’s painting. I’m going to start actually giving them titles and sharing those. At first, it took enough effort to just make something every day. But now that the ball is rolling, I’m going to add more details and complexities to the project in bits and pieces as we go. Baby steps, people. 🙂

According to our backyard, it’s Spring! I love Spring and all, but I feel like it came so soon. I like the diffused sunlight of the clouds, I like the symphony of the rain, I like jackets and scarves, hot cocoa, a crackling fireplace. Maybe it’s because I’m a January baby. Maybe it’s because I love making art and doing crafts and things that are generally done indoors, and poor weather is a great excuse for that.

Whatever the reason for my enjoyment of gloomy weather, to be fair, I can’t resist blossoms either. I took a few photos outside this morning, and a couple hours later I got fresh brush water, unwrapped a canvas and stood looking at it in the studio.

My initial plan was to do an abstract with dark background and bright colorful spots, like a blurry photo through a windshield at night in the rain. But I didn’t grab a photo to use, and as I went, I realized the piece was looking more and more like an abstraction of the beautiful white blossoms outside. Shrug. Que sera, sera…


2 thoughts on “Day 60: Motes

  1. Rein says:

    I love this. I’m glad you are choosing to name these now. You have always been great at giving things clever names. Squab for the

    Your camera is amazing btw! Beautiful picture. My eyes are getting itchy just looking at it. Love spring….hate the allergies 😦


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