Day 56

I am TRYing, but I still don’t understand the fascination with pastels. They are pretty much blunt edged, they get all smeary into other colors.. every time I use them, I feel like I’ve been handed a box of crayons. Actually, crayons are sharper. They come WITH a sharpener built-in. And I once made this totally badass drawing of a red bar candle with nothing but red crayon (yep, for the children’s menus), a ballpoint pen and a sharpie (and yep, I was totally doing that sketch at work). 

So, in this artist’s rendition of Roshambo (rock-paper-scissors), charcoal beats crayons, crayons beat pastels, and pastels beat.. I don’t know, pricking my finger and drawing in my own blood. Alright, I guess that wasn’t a very successful comparison. I am still sick, so I’m going to blame it on that. ANYWAY..

Today’s piece was inspired by an aerial shot of New York at dusk when it starts going into all blues. I was watching Cash Cab, this great trivia game show where taxi passengers in NY get to answer questions for money. And this awesome picture came on with all these fabulous Yves Klein-esque blues, so I paused the TV to sketch it, but it was live, not recorded, so the Langoliers were coming to eat it up and I had to draw it in real fast. I thought pastels would be appropriately haphazard as a medium, and here we are.

Someday when I grow up, I’m going to start painting with oils. Until then, I would love it if anyone has any photos they personally took of night scenes in New York or other cities with colorful streets to send to me. I would love some inspiration from you guys and gals, so bring it on! Post a photo to the Facebook fan page and I’ll check it out!

So today we’ve got a call for nightscape photos, and yesterday was the beginning of a reader haiku challenge to win a free print! Things are heating up in this art project thing, and it’s not just my fever! 😉

2 thoughts on “Day 56

  1. Not sure I have night scenes of NYC (though after July I can provide you with some!). However, I do have daytime shots. I will have to scan them and email them to you.

    I think you do some awesome stuff with oil pastels! Seriously! Your earlier pieces using oil pastels are among my favorites. My issue with the things is that I feel like they get my hands and fingers gross and icky (same with charcoal) and I have this OCDish thing about that. Like, as a young kid, I wanted to play with the older boys next door when they dug in the dirt. Yet, I was freakishly paranoid about getting my hands mucked up with the dirt and mud. I made my mom put an apron and gloves on me before I went to play! LOL!


  2. Jaclyn says:

    I’ll have pictures of Washington DC at the end of March! I’m finally going! I’m tagging along on a field trip with another class. We’re going on a tour of the monuments at night, I’ll bring you tons of pictures.


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