Day 47

Call National Geographic! I’m officially a wildlife photographer. That is, if you can consider wildlife to be weeds and bugs in untamed suburbia. Despite the ever-present money worries, I’m in a good mood today. Rob & I went on a date into Old Sacramento and had lunch at Jack’s, came home and cleared the house of negative energy with sage, and spent a bit of time in the backyard. Chester romped around in what I fondly refer to as “God’s Gardening” (i.e. we don’t do anything out there), and I grabbed the camera when I noticed that I’m officially the proud parent of a ladybug sanctuary!

I realized there are all kinds of lovely lessons to learn about the positive things in life, and they’re right here in my own backyard! The ladybug in the image above says to persevere even when life hands you prickles. This guy encourages me to “hang in there”, even when everything seems to be turned upside-down..

And these ones.. well.. they remind me to spend more time “snuggling” with my man. 😉 I hope these little beauties make you smile.


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