Day 45

As a bona fide Discovery/Science channel junkie, this time off of work has given me a chance to catch up on some geekery goodies. One of the recent ones was about quantum physics and the M theory, which (as I understand it) postulates that the “strings”, or the super tiny things that make up subatomic particles, travel through multiple dimensions interacting with other bits of energy as they go.

This is the scientific basis for other fascinating theories such as those described in “What the Bleep do we know?”, “The Secret” and “The Secret Life of Plants”, which essentially state that emotion is expressed as frequency. As “carbon-based life forms” (if you’re like me, those words sound like robot-speak coming out of a computer in an old Star Trek episode when you read them), we function because of chemical reactions and electrical impulses (i.e. all that crap you learned about ATP & neurons in Biology).

So the idea is that you can use the universal “law of attraction” to draw goodness into your life by feeling good.

Now, though I am an artist, and am accordingly very emotional, I’m also pretty logical. I was “book-smart” in school (guess that’s not much of a feat in California’s public school system, but hey) and this has always been a source of difficulty for me in art and in life. My heart goes one way, and my brain pulls in the other direction a lot of the time. Over the years, I’ve found that if I can track down information to satisfy the left brain, it will be in harmony with the right brain.

So while the square in me says these theories are a bunch of hooey, the dreamer in me has arrived at the meeting with a powerpoint presentation, graphs and laser pointer and saved the day.

In summary, I’m celebrating Valentine’s Day by feeling the love I have for my husband, family and friends as fully as possible. And when I think about the future, I project that same love and gratitude for all the good things I’m blessed with, and imagine a great time very much like I’m having now- sans the calls from bill collectors. 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

Today’s painting is a landscape featuring a white silo and mustard flowers inspired by the road behind our home on a thick slice of fence post. Rob looked at it and said the grain of the wood reminds him of those waves of energy I was just describing. What a fabulous connection to see there. Gosh, I love that man.

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