Day 44

I’ve always been a bit of a “rockhound”. Dad took us on a couple of hikes through Coyote Hills as kids, and he’d show us the shale and limestone and quartz veins in the hillside. We picked up a rock on each family trip and brought them home; eventually we had enough to build a great path of them from the deck to the giant pine tree in the corner.

So when I finally talked Rob into going to a Gem Faire with me awhile ago, he found this GIANT quartz crystal formation and talked the guy into selling it to us. Seriously, it’s massive. It weighs about 40 pounds, is about 3 feet in diameter and is an amazing piece of geologic history we keep in our home.

When Rob first prattled off the merits of quartz with regards to its piezoelectric qualities, my brain kind of turned off because it sounded complicated, and I only have so much space up there. I have fewer and fewer childhood memories as time goes on, and it’s because crap like how Secure Socket Layer encryption works has taken up the space those bits used to be in and pushed them out of my ear into oblivion.

But later on, I paid more attention, and it’s fascinating. Quartz creates voltage, or energy, when compressed, so it’s in things we use daily, like watches, cell phones and barbeques. Some people believe that crystals amplify energy in general, and while it may sound like hocus-pocus, the science seems to back it up. I like to think that it can take our positive thoughts and energy and turn them up a notch before transmitting them to the universe. So when this thing finally helps us win the lottery, it will get a nice, cushy, custom-made throne to rest its awesomeness on. And until then, it’s just plain gorgeous. Today’s piece is a high-contrast photo of one tiny cluster within our little “fortress of solitude” sculpture.


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