Day 40

To quote a punk band that was rocking out when my mom was rocking me to sleep -The Descendents- everything sucks today! It’s just one of those reverse-Midas days. Assuming the opposite of gold is poop, which I am.

First, I got red paint on some of my other pieces piling up in the studio doing a splatter technique. Then, irritated, I went to get the pear cider I’d put into the freezer, and I cracked it open and got one nice, cold sip before it froze up. My hands look like I’ve been performing 19th century surgery, I have a headache, and to top it off, the painting I’m working on SUCKS and I hate it and I wish it would go away. I could chuck the “entire shebang” and do something entirely different.

I thought I would be so much more productive at home, unemployed, yet this morning I slept in till 11:30 and, outside a trip to BevMo, have essentially accomplished squat. Ack, which reminds me, I haven’t exercised in awhile either. This is ridiculous. Tonight I’m going to make a list and tomorrow I’m going to set the damn alarm.

After many layers of ‘ick’ and ‘eww’ and ‘damn it!!’ and ‘why, God, why???’ I finally got this thing looking kind of creepy and colorful and interesting and- most importantly- FINISHED. Yay me!

4 thoughts on “Day 40

  1. bluebicicletta says:

    Ahh, you crack me up. I believe in letting yourself sleep in and do nothing, at least for a little while, no? I’ve learned that staying at home is a totally different pace. I often have moments of panic—“am I doing enough? It feels like I’m not accomplishing ANYthing!” But I also try to appreciate the ability to wake up without the alarm and go have lunch with my husband, or go out walking at 2 pm. I command you: take it easy on yourself!


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