Day 38

I don’t give a rat’s ass about football- then again, I don’t make it a habit to distribute disembodied rodent body parts to express my disdain about anything else either. So I put off going to the grocery store as long as possible this morning. On my way, I noticed that one of the sets of stoplights was all wonky- the green circles were split into little horizontal strips that were blinking at different intervals. So when I sat down in the studio, I got out a canvas panel and started out with this:

From there, I decided to stay with the theme of positivity and began clipping words from scraps I’d already used out of Capote’s pages:

Then I felt like the background lines should be fuzzy so the circle would be more in focus:

I sat there pondering my next move for a second. Chester snuck in to offer some encouragement from underneath the easel..

..and suggested I add some color. So I did..

While I was adding the rosy tones to the background, I decided I wanted to insert some of that same conflict I’d touched on in yesterday’s piece- the wanting to change to a positive perspective amidst the adversity of being a natural born worrier and the tendency to focus on the negative, which seems to be like the default setting for human brains. I found the word “nightmares” and added it in to the background..

..And knew I needed to darken it up from that point after I had done some more underpainting of yellow in the circle:

Then I did some thin washes of blue over the lower half and whitewashed the upper half..

And finished it off with some red. One of my favorite classes in college was a class about abstraction. The teacher had said abstracts tend to be emotional, which initially, I thought was a bunch of hogwash (where do these lovely turns of phrase come from, anyway??). Up to that point, I’d only done realistic pieces by choice. Now, when I have a lot of emotion, I tend to make abstract pieces. But I like them so much better with the words in them.

4 thoughts on “Day 38

  1. Jaclyn says:

    That’s no moon…

    Yes, I put a Star Wars reference on your blog. The initial sketch screamed out Death Star, but the painting turned out amazing. I love the nightmares piece as a contrast to the warm colors of the sphere. You are awesome!


  2. Geri says:

    I find the combination of colors relaxing, peaceful. Like the sunrises and sunsets I enjoy. Thanks for giving me that feeling, haven’t seen any for awhile and this is a nice alternative.


  3. Auntie Kasey says:

    Molly says: I love the use of color and it makes me think of when your in front of a brick wall at night with your headlights on.

    Gabby says: I love the idea of words in the middle. All of the colors look good together.

    Wheezy says: Is Chester single and un-fixed?

    Aunt K says: Beautiful. Loved to watch the process.


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