Day 37

On my way back home to Sacramento today, I began thinking about my productivity level with the art project. As of tomorrow, I’ll essentially have all day long every day to make art until I have to go back to work again, and I made a deal with myself that I could put items up for sale if I made more than one each day. So I had a little pep talk with myself and said, “Okay Marianne. You can do this. It’s time to ramp it up!” Were my life a made-for-tv movie, this is where we would cue the montage of me busting out awesome art left and right.

In real life, it was a “Scrubs” moment where I was sitting there imagining my montage, rocking out to “eye of the tiger” in my jukebox brain, when I was snapped back into reality by the sound of the driver behind me laying on his horn because  he wanted me to run over the 3 pedestrians in front of me so he could turn right five seconds faster. The a-hole drivers of Northern California are lucky I can’t have rocket launchers installed on my vehicle because I WOULD use them. It’s part of my Mad Max alternate reality where I also do things like temporarily kidnap the children I see who are too young to be walking home alone to teach their parents a lesson.

Anyway, when I got home I pulled out this canvas I have painted over no less than 5 times now with a plan. I drew a line around some of the textures already created by dried drops of medium and embedded paper. I painted the space above it with white paint, and the space below it with deep black-blue. I thinned the paint with water and threw it at the canvas in splatters. I looked at the composition, which I liked for its movement and contrast, and thought it looked rather dark and moody. I set it flat to dry and left the studio.

Rob played a radio interview by Gregg Braden, author of “The Divine Matrix” , “God Code” and other books. He’s a scientist who has been exploring how scientific experiments test and prove beliefs held by our ancestors. I haven’t read any of his books yet, but after hearing him speak about a theory that all matter is connected by a field of energy  that reflects human emotion, I was definitely intrigued. It’s rare to come across something that combines scientific experimentation, mathematical scrutiny, clues from ancient tomes, and the power of positive feelings. That means it satisfies both my analytical nature and my soft side.

Sure, it may sound like a bunch of mumbo jumbo hoo-ha, but I need to be more positive, especially now. I pulled out my trusty Capote book and flipped through a couple of pages in the back. I found the text I am happy out of “Hidden Gardens” and knew that’s what I was looking for. Braden had spoken about how heart-based emotions like love and joy and peace could affect the world as a whole if enough people changed their perspective to feel and project those feelings all the time. I thought the snippet “I am happy” amidst a swirl of darkness and chaos was the perfect way to express my challenge ahead.

3 thoughts on “Day 37

  1. Geri says:

    Screw you for making my post surgical tummy feeling like it was ripping and burning with laughter. Booo on you. From Mom written by Auntie K.


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