Day 29

For the record- this painting and I are not on speaking terms. I started this around noon and “finished” around 9:30. I’ll let the many photos and my text messages tell the tale.

Me to Jen: “This painting is f%@*ing torturing me with its horribleness.”

Jen to me: “I like the blue space and the colored spots, I think maybe the problem is the green and yellow sections.”

“It’s like an injured tortoise from Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.”

“It’s not that bad.”

“I thought you got my picture text.”

“Tortoise had a bad acid trip and ran into a mine field.”


“I’m working on it. THIS SUCKS SO MUCH UGH.”

Jen to me: “So did you get that painting wrangled?”

Me to Jen: “Well I do not approve of its dangerous drug using lifestyle, so we’ve parted ways.”

“So you finished it?”

“Yes, but I still somehow feel like vomiting on it would have been an improvement.”


10 thoughts on “Day 29

  1. Jennan says:

    your painting says, “Yes, go on a hike, but beware that psychedelic octopi live under the mountins.”

    despite the struggle it turned out nice! 🙂


  2. Yes Betty/e’by/stubbornwoman= all the same, right? 🙂 I love that you follow this, thank you. Your comments always cheer me up.

    Thanks Jen! Perhaps that snippet will be the title of this thing. Tee hee!


  3. Ok, I can see how you would feel that way throughout that experience…it definitely went through some, uhm, rough spots…

    But, in the end, I kind of like it…although it does look like a tree growing on top of human skin, fat, and muscle tissue layers. Yes, just looked again…definitely layers of human tissue as seen under a very powerful microscope…


  4. Auntie Kasey says:

    What I think is that 20 years from now some poor pimple faced 19 year old with by in an art appreciation class staring at this painting and working on a paper trying to figure out your inner thinking and genius when you created this piece. If only future pimple faced boy knew. HEHE


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