Day 22

It’s official- I hate exercise and exercise hates me. I did my Wii workout again today. I really didn’t want to. I didn’t want to so much that I did the dishes and a load of laundry first. It made me think about how day-to-day life as an adult is essentially task-you-don’t-want-to-do after task-you-don’t-want-to-do except that you have the freedom to prioritize those things you don’t want to do and select the order in which you begrudgingly complete them.

At any rate, the workout went like it usually does. I sweated profusely and a few minutes into it I started to feel like I might puke. Eventually, the half hour of suck was almost over. The screen said “Let’s cool down!” and then had me RUN TRACK. While I suppose quantum theory dictates that it’s possible there is a universe in which running equates to cool down exercises, it certainly doesn’t mean that here. Or at least I thought it didn’t. But I obviously know very little about exercising, so maybe the Wii is right.

What I also found appalling was that this torturous event only burned off about 200 calories. That’s like… a cookie. It should say that at the end, “Congratulations! You burnt off a COOKIE! Yep, that’s right. Great job. Bet you’ll think twice about shoving some chocolate down your gullet next time, right?”

So after that debacle, I was free to work on some art. I had felt blah all day. I really didn’t want to do anything except recover from the workout enough to put dinner together. So I looked through my photos and pulled out this blurry one from a rainy evening at Fisherman’s Wharf a couple of years ago when we were visiting San Francisco with Rob’s dad.

I drew in the outlines with charcoal, blocked the sky in with blue and skipped the brush over the bottom for some cobblestone texture. Next were the dark spots with nice thick black, then the yellow of the lights in the trees, then that familiar sodium orange on the buildings, then the white headlights reflecting on the wet ground and making the trolley tracks. Once it got to the point of frustration and I had the basics all down, I stopped staring at the photograph and started adding bits of color and black to balance out the composition. I ignored the car bodies entirely. That’s the great thing about making a painting. I can edit at will. I get excited when I realize that I really do have complete freedom when it comes to making my own art.

I rocked out to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs station on Pandora Internet Radio (that kicks ass now that I have trained it not to play so much White Stripes), and eventually out came this slightly abstracted nightscape. Which, oddly enough, also kicks ass. This is an 8×10” original acrylic painting on canvas finished with some charcoal and matte fixative. Hope you’re enjoying your own “night out on the town”!

11 thoughts on “Day 22

  1. O.M.G!!! If I could paint like this I would do nothing else artsy ever again!!! You should do this as prints, posters, postcards, greeting cards, etc….



  2. bluebicicletta says:

    That painting does kick ass! I love the shifting shapes, and the car lights are my favorite part—they’re so interesting to look at. You are hilarious about the exercise. I force myself to jog most days—my dog makes me do it, otherwise, I probably would try to do every other possible thing before going jogging. I think the trick is to exercise enough days so that you finally arrive at a day when it makes you feel good (they do happen from time to time). Then you can chase after that experience all of the other times.


  3. sharon allen says:

    Really love this! It amazes me how you can see so much in the everyday things out there, and capture it on canvas. About exercise, I hate it also, never have gotten to a point where it makes me feel anything other then dead tired and crappy. However, walking really does it for me. The fresh air feels good, and one don’t have to do it at a fast pace, regardless what all the articles in every magazine on the newstand says. Did you know that 3 ten minute walks a day are just as good for you as walking 30 straight minutes. Back to the painting, one of my favorites so far.


  4. Christina says:

    I concur with Rein, this is one of my favorites as well. Keep up the good work Marianne. Your creations are inspirational and the snark gives it all a little ballet flat kick (or sometimes a steel toe kick) of sarcasm, which I LOVE. Less than one week of grey cubicle skies- lucky you! 🙂


  5. It’s a really amazing experience to have so many comments on a piece of artwork, pretty much instantly. It helps me understand what kinds of imagery people connect with, and this piece really is starting to feel like me, or like “my style” now.

    Gramma & Nicole- glad you both understand my feelings about exercise and appreciate the inspiration to ‘make it work’ for me. 🙂

    Reina & Jen- Yes, probably also my favorite so far.

    Christina- Thanks for following along, and so thrilled that I bring you some giggles! Yes, Marianne has left the building. No more crappy office… for now. 🙂


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