Day 21

In the spirit of tackling things I have long feared, I’ve been trying linocuts. I first did a little Eiffel Tower, which ended up on this purse I made. I also did some leaves and a nice, more detailed love bird print. Today happens to be my birthday. So I used my quarterly floating holiday and took the day off (good timing as I only have 8 days left to use it anyway). It started off with a delicious (and free! Thanks Starbucks!) peppermint soy mocha and a nice gray morning at home with my puppy in front of the fireplace. Figuring I had some time on my hands, I started working on a painting:

But I didn’t want to rush it, I wanted it to have more depth and to let it tell me what to do with it.. say overnight or longer even.. so I decided to give myself the gift of time. I am dedicated to making one new piece each day, but I’m also going to make work that takes longer. I haven’t done that yet, and that’s a luxury I enjoy. It’s really the little things. It doesn’t take much to make me happy.

So I dug around, found a nice clean block of linoleum in that inviting gray and laid out a simple landscape. I’ll be able to use this in the future with different colors, but today I wanted to admire it in its black & white simplicity. What’s also great about linocuts is that I can work on them while say, vegging out to several episodes of Star Trek The Next Generation. Yep. I’m a nerd. Not gonna lie. With other linocut items like this one, I bet it’s really hard to tell. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Along the lines with that “gift of time” I’m also posting this earlier than usual, so I can sip some wine with the husband and not have this task on my mind this evening! ๐Ÿ™‚

Here is the linocut process, for those of you who may be wondering how a slab of rubber becomes an image:

2 thoughts on “Day 21

  1. bluebicicletta says:

    Hey, we’re birthday buddies! My birthday was Jan 17—wait you knew that from facebook. Love this linocuts, in fact, I love linocuts in general, but I really like the simplicity and the lines here. Happy belated birthday!


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