Facebook Fan Page!

What with all the twitters, and the diggs and the bloglands and whatnot out there these days, social whatchamacalliting can get a little hectic. (If you’re sensing a “hey you kids, get off my lawn!” here, you’re right. It almost fell out of my mouth.)

I find I’m using Facebook more than anything, seeing as how I can magically make it tweet for me (yay, shortcuts!). After a few requests for a fan page so that my art buddies can show their love, I’ve finally created one. It’s “Marianne Bland’s Art Project 2010”.

And if you aren’t already my friend on facebook, look me up. I’m the Marianne Bland in Sacramento. Apparently there are other Marianne Blands running around in the world, but I assure you, they are imposters. Rip their faces off and they’ll describe how they did it, and how if it wasn’t for those meddling hippies.. Just kidding. If you actually encounter another real-life MB, please don’t engage in real-life face-ripping. I’m pretty sure disfiguring people is illegal… everywhere.

Also, this is for you, Technorati. Find it this time. Sheesh. 7EXU9DWQBVWH

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