Day 11

Sometimes I feel like my mind is a pinball machine. These perfect, shiny ideas come flying into it top-speed from the void of the unconscious and proceed to smack around against all manner of compartments… creativity bonus BING 500 points!… entrepreneurial zone ZAP 1000 points! …practical application ramp THWICK… propelling that ball up to the notebook safe zone KERPLUNK! where I can store it for use later on when I’m out of balls.

And this is why I carry all manner of notebooks with me. At this very moment, there’s one in my purse, one in the front room, one in the office, a traveling sketchbook that is usually in the car or on my desk in a pile on top THREE other notepads. Yep. They’re like tribbles. They’re everywhere, and each time you look there are more, and you can’t bring yourself to throw them away because they’re so darn cute. Well, at least it’s something like that. Now you know that I am a Star Trek nerd as well as a lover of arcade games, and also that my brain primarily functions in “metaphor/simile” mode.  Fun fact: I collect dictionaries! Really. I really do.

So, today while I was driving to work and it was foggy and hazy blue, some words and color inspirations came pinging in to that quarter-trap up there, and luckily I was able to write while driving (safely, only in the trafficky parts).

The gray blue, poppy red of the tail lights and silhouette images stayed with me all day. When I started this evening, the memory of Rorschach and ink hadn’t left me either. It’s actually been trapped up there for a couple of months. And I have that lovely slate blue liquid watercolor I so enjoy. So I grabbed a couple more pages from Capote’s book, this time from “The Muses Are Heard” in honor of the decision to finally do something with this ink blot thing. These two were rejected:

And the other was slapped on to a small canvas. The blue was much brighter to begin with, and I toned it down with medium and some white paint. I set it to landscape orientation so that the words wouldn’t be legible right off and wouldn’t distract too much. A splash of water and some tissue lifted the white glaze to show more blue. I wanted the feeling of droplets like I’d had this morning; the words “rivulet” and “amalgamation” had stuck in my brain and I think all of that somehow made it into this piece.

P.S. If you’re worried about the merciless slaughter of a classic book for the purpose of harvesting its pages as art supplies, this is what it looks like. It’s fairly thrashed, and I think Truman’s eyes are saying, “Do you honestly think I would concern myself with your blathering on? Where is that martini?!” So I’ve decided he’s cool with it.

9 thoughts on “Day 11

  1. rein says:

    I feel like he is undressing me with his hungry eyes.
    I love how you showed the process too. This is rad. “They are like tribbles” wow Marys LOL! I need to start getting into this notebook habit. My hands are looking kinda janky with all these scribbles all over them 🙂
    This is all great stuff Marianne! I lurrrve it!


    • 🙂 Aww Reins. I want to hang out with you RIGHT NOW. Let’s play hooky from work and go to Red Hawk with our non-money. Tee hee. Glad you like it. This piece creeps me out, actually, but I thought it was kind of cool to show the stuff leading up to it. I know I’m a big fan of photos and can get bored with too many words.


  2. rein says:

    That sounds like the best idea I ever heard. I am asking the universe for a huge jackpot, I believe if we go to red hawk today it will happen. Ok I put in my order, now we need to pick it up! lol- I totally wanna ditch today blahh!


  3. bluebicicletta says:

    Wow, do you remind me of myself. My husband often makes fun of me for my need to have pens stashed in every bag and room. I also have piles of sketchbooks and journals–there’s the morning writing journal, the big sketchbook, the travel sketchbook, the everyday notebook–it is crazy. There is the need to capture ideas for us makers. I also love love love dictionaries, although I haven’t started collecting them YET.

    I love hearing about your process here, and the images that informed your work, and your attempting to scribble while driving (another thing I’ve been known to do).


    • Thank goodness it’s not just me. One of my facebook friends is also a notebook nut and told me about some awesome ones, like “Rite in the Rain”, which is exactly what it says it is, this white gridline one and this other one that works with a fancy pen that records and reads your memory in case you forget or something. It’s magic. Maybe I will formally post about it or do a giant “ode to notebooks” montage. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed today’s post, Nicole! I need to get the RSS feed for your blog so I can get emails.


  4. Hi Marianne, I am playing catchup on all your work! So far I love everything(duh) you have done. Your witty humor makes the reading enjoyable and your art is wonderful!!! I miss you- lets seriously get together soon! You don’t have any excuses! 🙂 I’ll prob be up first week Feb.


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