Day 8

So… they can’t all be winners. If I were Tim Gunn, I would furrow my brow, cup my chin, put my other hand on my hip (shoulder forward as if to suggest with my very posture that I really don’t like this piece) and say, “Hmm. I’m concerned. I’m not sure where you’re going with this. Is it some kind of alien embryo? Did you eat some paint and then vomit it onto the canvas? Is it Cindy Lauper’s sink? I think that at this point you might want to consider starting over from scratch.”

And I will, Tim. Tomorrow. For now, I suggest you head on over to icanhascheezburger, or cakewrecks, or some other sure-to-please blogtasticness to help cleanse your mind of this unfortunate debacle that is Day 8.

8 thoughts on “Day 8

  1. A. Shelli says:

    You see Cindy Lauper’s sink, I see (I hope the link works, I’m a computer tard)

    Don’t be so hard on yourself. It looks WAY better than the cookies I’ve been making for the last 48 hours. The piece shows me a sweet day comes to an end. (Sweet: Tootsie Pop. End: Tootsie Pop Center in a beautiful sunset) yeah…. I’m at the punchy stage 😛

    p.s. Cindy Lauper was once a guest judge on Project Runway and would’ve LOVED this piece!


  2. Geri says:

    Give it friends. Alone, its just looking at you. Relax, this is a long project. Each month brings inspiration, use it. ie, birthsone, flower, season, holidays and birthdays.


  3. Actually, I like it—perhaps it is a giant eyeball, or an alient embryo, as you say— but I appreciate most your great attitude and your ability to not go sit in a corner and sulk (as I often want to do when i can’t seem to make something I’m happy with). And here is the beauty of your project—there’s always tomorrow!


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