Day 5

I’m the kind of person who will listen to the same song 50 or 60 times in a row. I know, it’s weird. In general, I have what my husband and I call “jukebox brain”, a syndrome characterized by the immediate conversion of any snippet of conversation into the closest matching lyric and the ensuing vocalization of said song. While there is no cure for jukebox brain, symptoms can be temporarily relieved by successfully getting a really annoying song stuck in the head of anyone in the vicinity.

Today I had Feist’s “I feel it all” stuck on repeat inside my skull, so I put it on when I sat down to do something with this canvas panel. To me, this belle from Nova Scotia has a sweet, soft, yearning voice. Even though some of her songs sound upbeat and romantic on first listen, I found that when I really listened to the lyrics in the acoustic (also the only) version YouTube would give me on my iPod (why does it do that?!?) they aren’t all happy. Fragments like “I’ll be the one to break my heart” and “the truth lies” hung out at the back of my throat.

I wrote a lyric on the panel in white pastel and painted over it with watered-down acrylic so it would show through a little and dropped some watercolor on. The prussian blue seeped into the canvas teeth and I turned it and let it drip. I lit a candle to drop some wax on the watercolor to protect it while I washed over the panel with dark yellow. Some crimson, acrylic medium, scraped away wax dots, oil pastel and conte crayon later, here we are- with an abstract that to me looks a lot like a dandelion at the moment of nuclear rapture. Yep, so.. deep breath.. day 5. Time for bed.

11 thoughts on “Day 5

  1. Hahaha! Nuclear rapture? Love it! I immediately thought “dandelion” when I saw this, before I even read your commentary…

    Thanks for explaining the process you used. I would never have figured some of those things out! Things for me to try….hmmm…


    • Guess I don’t have that “nuclear” thing out of my system. Yeah the watercolor i’m using is in a little glass jar with a dropper and that drip wax technique can be a lot of fun when working in layers. But of course it usually includes a flame, so don’t drink and drip, just to be safe. 😉


  2. Rein Unit Zappa says:

    You know what a drip freak I am. It reminds me of runny mascara 🙂 -Dont drink and drip- lol!
    This is my favorite so far. I love to read your story behind each painting too…the lyric written in white first. Genius.


    • Apparently my painting style benefits from being rushed. Hopefully things don’t start to suck hardcore once I’m off work in February and able to devote hours to each piece. 😉 Why are we not drinking together right now? MIMOSAS


  3. I love Feist, and I have that song stuck in my head very often. Funny to read about that happening to someone else.

    I also love your art project idea. Ill be following along for sure!


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