Day 3

One would think that after attending a beautiful wedding all day, I’d be inspired to create some girly “ode to love” drawing or even use the wedding colors in today’s piece. But when I headed into the studio reluctantly this evening, I sat down, pulled out a mini panel and thought “gold and blue”.

Then I thought “lame, those are my stupid high school colors and I totally hated that damn place.” To which my brain replied to itself, “Really self? They are also just cool colors. But I see your point..” 

So I remembered that somewhere in my studio was a box of old matches… aha! And decided to embed that bit into the painting as an homage to my ire towards the school so that I could be okay with using the colors, let it dry, et voila! I had a quick painting on a mini canvas panel (5×7 in).

*UPDATE: This piece is SOLD. Thanks!*

12 thoughts on “Day 3

  1. A. Shelli says:

    CooOOOl! Looking at this gorgey piece of art, I was reminded of a conversation we had in the car during our LA road trip. As I flipped through your portfolio, I gave you my interpretation of each piece, and you explained how they came to be. I see a match plunked in the middle of the glob of acrylic medium. (I won’t yammer on about how I see the rest of the paintings awesomeness) This is one time I’m glad a kid played with matches. I just love this piece!


  2. Reins says:

    I love this Marianne. After reading your blurb I cant help but think and relate this painting to when I was in high school and Kurt Cobain died and all the grungy flannel kids wrote a quote from Kurt on their binders and backpacks, “It’s better to burn out than to fade away”….deep shiz for a bunch of manic panic junkies eh? This is awesome-I really love it!


  3. Ah, I hated high school too! I like hearing about what the voices in your head are saying, and how you respond! Congrats on all the wonderful art you’ve made in the last 4 days!


    • Thank you! I’m starting to see how making at least one small thing daily can add up and it’s getting exciting! It’s highly likely that the “voices in my head” will be appearing frequently on the blog. 😉 I’m off to take a look at yours and see what’s new with you, sister!


    • Thank you Kevin! I am hoping to learn a lot about myself this year, and if I can manage to inspire other artists, that’s even more exciting! Off to check out your blog. 🙂

      Marianne Bland


    • I’m sure there’s a plush toy waiting to be born that signifies the little monster sidekick you could have used to help you get through those years. Seems like all the creative people I know hated high school. That reminds me of another TED talk I need to see..


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