A fabulous, nourishing talk on creativity

As the start of this project grows nearer, I’m having little freakout moments and looking for ways to make sure I’m charged up creatively. A friend of mine sent me this link the other day and it’s a perfect, important thing for any artist to see. So if you’re struggling or feeling blah about your artmaking, give it a watch. It just might perk you up. šŸ™‚



2 thoughts on “A fabulous, nourishing talk on creativity

  1. bluebicicletta says:

    I’m so glad this talk energized you! Good luck, good luck, on your first day of this project! I’m excited to see your first piece—but I hope you’re not putting too much pressure on it because it’s easy to do that! The thing I like about your project is that it’s about doing—one of the most helpful things I’ve learned about myself in the past year or so is that if I show up, even if I’m scared, or in a bad mood, I can still make something—it may not be revolutionary, or even good, but I can still make something.


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